Notice to all potential job candidates

We recently became aware that individuals have been sending out fake employment opportunities, allegedly on behalf of TIC – The Industrial Company (TIC), in an apparent attempt to defraud would-be job candidates. In a recent example, an individual claiming to be a TIC Recruiter called a candidate and instructed them to pay them for a pre-hire drug screening in relation to an opening on a TIC project.

Here is some important information to protect yourself from these scams:

  • TIC does not require or ask for fees or payments during any phase of the recruitment or hiring process.
  • If any person solicits information, fees or payments from you as part of the "recruitment process" or as part of an employment offer, you should assume that the communication is not from TIC and is not sanctioned or approved by our Company.
  • All emails sent on behalf of TIC will come from email addresses ending in
  • For the time being, TIC recruiters will not be asking you for sensitive information over the phone or via social media messaging. If someone identifying as a TIC recruiter asks you for sensitive information, please call the TIC job line at 800-424-0156 to verify it’s an official request.
  • Call the TIC job line at 800-424-0156 to verify an opportunity is official and to report any suspicious communication from someone claiming to represent TIC.

If you have received one these offers or believe you have been the victim of fraudulent activity via the internet, we would appreciate you filing a complaint with the following United States Government site: